• Reyansh Sigh

    Verified Buyer

    A remedy that works

    My overall health considerably improved, since I started taking Viril X. I feel invigorated, energetic and cheerful. My sex drive is gradually improving as well. I have only positive experience with this drug.

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  • Aroon Kim

    Verified Buyer

    Best thing I tried

    I’ve tried many things on my quest to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Usually, pills like Viagra or Sildenafil help quickly, but then I get headache and the effect doesn’t last. With Viril X it’s completely different. It doesn’t work straight away, probably because it has to accumulate in your system, but when it starts working – the effect is lasting and you can get an erection even if you didn’t take the pill.

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  • Tomas Medino

    Verified Buyer

    I wouldn’t believe it if I haven’t tried it myself

    I usually don’t believe in herbal drugs and I don’t write reviews, however, I think Viril X deserves it. I usually took Viagra whenever I needed an erection, but it was a one-time solution, which was giving me side effects. Truth be told, I was tired of it and decided to look for more permanent solution. This is how I stumbled upon Viril X. In two months’ time, my libido is higher than ever and I get strong and lasting erections.

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  • William Garcia

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    Great Stuff, works for me

    Viril x helped me restore my libido, which was completely missing after the accident. I know my wife was suffering from the lack of affection from me. Now I have good erections and desire to be with her, which I can tell is making her happy.

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  • Tom Chongan

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    Works as described

    I’ve been taking this drug according to instruction. In three weeks, it helped me get strong erections and now they don’t depend on my Viril X intake. Meaning I can get erection when I need it, without taking the pill prior to the act.

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  • Pit Gowler

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    Worked for me, well-worth the money

    For me, Viril X worked in two weeks. I had problems with maintaining erection for as long as I can remember – I don’t have that issue anymore. Now my sex life is normal and satisfying.

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